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Deep in the bliss of a faraway island, we said, Bangalore would be awesome with a beach. So, we brought it.


Beach Volleyball: So what if the sea is missing? We have soft sand, lots of sun, and a big, round colourful beachball.


Swimming, Water Polo, Water Zorb: From zorbing to water polo, we have it all. Or if it's just a swim you fancy, jump in! Our 46' by 23' swimming pool is open to all.

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Beach Volley Court

60 mins.

Mon-Thu: Rs. 1,200

Fri-Sun: Rs. 1,500

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Pool Rental (Max. 10px)

30 mins.

Mon-Thu: Rs. 1,000

Fri-Sun: Rs. 1,250

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Water Polo

60 mins.

Mon-Thu: Rs. 2000

Fri-Sun: Rs. 2500